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Die Struck Challenge Coins


Die struck items are made when a steel die is used to strike an image into into a flat piece of brass, iron, or copper. The striking process allows for very crisp 2D or 3D details with no variations in design, shape, or size from piece to piece. Die struck products are typically favored by the military and government agencies due to their high quality look and feel.

Antique brass, pewter, or copper
Bright brass, nickel, or copper plating
0.140″ (3.5mm) thick
2D artwork
Individually polybagged

Soft Enamel Color Fill:
$0.60 (A) per piece per side.
Includes up to four colors per side.

Cloisonné Style:
$1.10 (A) per piece per side
Includes up to four colors per side.

Epoxy Dome: $0.16 (A) per piece per side

Sandblast: $0.40 (A) per piece

Antique Plating: $1.00 (A) per piece

Diamond Cut Borders:
1-1/2″ : $0.50 (A) per side
1-3/4″ : $0.60 (A) per side

Call for quote:
3D die
Two-tone plating
Additional thickness
Cut outs or see through areas
Square or odd shape
Non published plating
Preproduction sample

Art Charge:
$100 (A) per side if usable vector line art with converted type is not provided.

Production time:
4 weeks from approved art plus delivery.